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Trust with Stakeholders

EIZO is engaging with stakeholders in productive dialogue to forge and strengthen bonds of trust.
We aspire to help develop and invigorate local communities in their respective countries and contribute to creating better environments as members of their communities through sponsorship, funding and efforts that leverage the strengths of EIZO technologies and products.

Stakeholders Our Responsibility Methods of Communication
  • Delivering products and services that satisfy customers
  • Providing support in response to requests and inquiries
  • Consultation points
  • Information provided via websites and other means
  • Showrooms
  • Seminars, exhibits
  • Forging long-term partnerships aimed at achieving mutual prosperity
  • Exchange of information during visits
  • Company presentation for suppliers
  • Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Respecting each individual and creating a workplace environment in which employees can thrive
  • Fostering a broadminded corporate culture in which employees remain highly motivated and demonstrate their abilities
  • Formulation of principles of conduct and strict adherence to them
  • Employee education
  • Safe and comfortable facilities and office environments
  • Development of an internal whistleblowing system
  • Support for leisure activities
  • Establishment of a labor management committee
  • Maintaining sound corporate growth and returning profit
  • Providing fair and accurate information on our management policies, business strategies, and financial performance and maintaining corporate
  • management transparency
  • General shareholders meeting
  • Timely disclosure
  • Disclosure of earnings materials
  • Company presentation for investors
  • Publication of an integrated report
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Fulfilling responsibilities as a member of the community and contributing to its development
  • Striving to forge a favorable relationship with the community
  • Activities that contribute to the community
  • Collaborations with the community
  • Factory tours
  • Environmental consideration