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Qingdao Air Traffic Management Station (CAAC)

Over 400 EIZO monitors are deployed throughout Qingdao ATM Station, which manages flights across East China.


Qingdao Air Traffic Management Station of Civil Aviation of China, referred to as Qingdao ATM Station, was established on December 28, 2000. As the first experimental unit for the reform of civil aviation air traffic management systems in East China, Qingdao ATM Station provides command & control, intelligence, meteorological information, navigation, monitoring, and alarm services for various flights in the Qingdao control area. With a strong sense of responsibility towards ensuring safety for flights and passengers at its core, it ranks 11th among China's civil aviation airports and 3rd in East China. Qingdao ATM Station manages all flights going through Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport – slated to be one of China’s largest airports, capable of handling 35 million passengers annually.




With the increasing volume of civil aviation traffic in China, the requirements for air traffic management pertaining to communication, navigation, and display equipment are reaching higher standards. If any of the equipment depended on by the air traffic controllers fails, it will disrupt the chain of control and command. As the key component for imaging, ATC primary control monitors were carefully assessed by the air traffic management control and technical support departments.



Area Control Room


After two years of testing and evaluation, the Qingdao ATM Station settled on over 100 of  EIZO's latest generation of 2K x 2K primary control monitors for the new Qingdao airport’s air traffic management project in 2018. The Raptor SQ2825 was chosen due to high performance, durability, color reproduction, and streamlined maintenance.



Area Controller Positions


Since 2005, EIZO has been leading the innovation and development of high-quality 2K primary control monitors in the field of air traffic management. Backed by the professional technology of more than 50 years in the field of visual display solutions, the characteristics and functions of the fifth generation 2K x 2K monitor Raptor SQ2825 have reached the peak of EIZO primary control monitors, adopting new technology and improving the operation reliability to add value to the product.


ATC Tower Control Room

Tower Control Room


In addition to primary control monitors, over 300 FlexScan 24.1-inch and 21.3-inch auxiliary monitors are used throughout Qingdao ATM Station, including area and tower control. Raptor RP2425 monitors are also deployed to the tower control room, providing high readability in even under changing ambient lighting conditions. EIZO provides high-quality products and services for major air traffic management administrations across the globe. With the extensive range of imaging solutions and high-performance, EIZO continues to maintain its position as the leader in global air traffic control industry for specialized monitors.


Deployed Products

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