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Since the new DIN 6868-157, a 2k x 2k screen matrix has been deemed standard for mammography diagnostics. This can be ensured both with 5 megapixel monitors and 8 megapixel monitors.

Alongside the classic, monochrome display on two monitors, EIZO also satisfies other requirements on the part of the users:

  • Widescreen monitors for the parallel display of preview images and current images, for example, without disruptive frames between images
  • Option of multi-modal display of mammography, sonography, and MRT images

The EIZO benefits at a glance

  1. Precise, steady monitor image
  2. A high contrast ratio
  3. Deep black values to enable the differentiated display of similar, dark grey scales
  4. 10 bit display supports razor-sharp rendering and reliable distinctions between even the smallest differences in tissue
  5. Permanent precision through calibration in accordance with the DICOM standard, including availability of DICOM presets and constant quality testing.
EIZO recommends
Diagnostic monitors for digital mammography
Diagnostic monitors for digital mammography

The secure identification of breast cancer requires a precise, steady, and high-resolution monitor image. EIZO ensures maximum diagnostic certainty through image rendering devices for digital mammography.

  • Clear rendering of even the finest details
  • Secure distinction between the finest nuances
  • Optimal brightness at all times
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Dr. László Tabár, MD, FACR (Hon.)

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