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Wesley Wong

Fine Art Printmaking and Art Reproduction
ColorEdge CG279X

Wesley Wong is a perfectionist dedicated to the finest details of his art – be it printmaking, reproduction, or education. He is an expert in the latest technology, from lighting artwork for faithful structure reproduction and high resolution RGB capture, to wide gamut monochrome piezographic printing.

For the last 12 years, expanding from a location in Petaling Jaya to a fully equipped studio and gallery, he has grown his expertise by continuous experiments to push the boundaries to produce the most transparent and faithful image production possible. In this, his company Giclee Art enjoys close partnerships and support from major industry leaders such as Epson, Canon, Sigma, Profoto, Fuji and Panasonic, Wacom and X-Rite. More importantly though, Wesley’s customers count him as a personal friend and trust him not just with their artwork, but with his ability to understand and bring their creative intent and vision to life. Wesley is also an accredited ILFORD Master and X-Rite Coloratti Master.

Case Study

“I use EIZO. Without an accurate reference monitor, post production editing is rather futile, particularly if the intended output is a print.”

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