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Thomas Biasotto

Landscape and Mountain Photography
ColorEdge CG2420

Thomas Biasotto was born on 15 October 1981 in St.Gallen, Switzerland. Today, the artist lives with his family in Weggis at the Lake Lucerne. His fascination for music first developed in his youth. He studied trumpet as a major subject and piano and composition as minors at the Zurich Academy of Music. He obtained his Master's degree in 2006.

Photography accompanied Thomas Biasotto since his childhood, but at the beginning it was still in the shadow of the love for music. When he completed his second degree as a primary school teacher in 2016, he was already able to earn a living with his passion for photography. Today, Thomas Biasotto, a member of the Swiss Professional Photographers Association (SBF), is a sought-after photographer and can count a wide variety of well-known international companies and art collectors among his client base. His high quality and artistic fine art prints are known far beyond the country's borders. On the platform he created,, the photographer offers various photography workshops and photo tours all over the world.

Thomas Biasotto repeatedly publishes books with his photographs and stories. Photography is his soul, music his language and the mountains his home.