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Qiao Fengwei

Landscape and Nature Photography
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Qiao Fengwei works as the editorial director of “Digital Camera”, lecturer of photography and post production, and a professional photographer. Most of his creative work and articles are published through media publications, such as Popular Photograph, China Photo Press, FOTOMEN, and Photo World. In addition, he has already published several special issues regarding photography.

Since working on photography education from 2010, Qiao has developed well-established cooperation with and became lecturer of renowned photography companies, such as Sigma, Datacolor, Adobe, Manfrotto, etc. Meanwhile, he’s also been invited several times to give lectures about photography in prestigious universities like Fudan and Tongji. In June 2015, Qiao began teaching photography skills through online platforms, and joined Adobe MAX in the United States in the following year.

Case Study

“EIZO monitors are unique in terms of color accuracy, shading detail, and stability. I only use the most outstanding, so to achieve the best results, EIZO is my choice.”

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Qiao Fengwei gives a brief introduction to ColorEdge.