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O-Chul Kwon

Astrophotography and Filmmaking
Republic of Korea
ColorEdge CG2730

Kwon O-Chul is an astrophotographer and filmmaker. He was born in South Korea and now travels all around the world taking pictures of the night sky. Fascinated by the wonders of the starry night, he started astrophotography from 1992. Through now his photographic subjects are stars, the Milky Way, auroras, and other heavenly bodies. He always works to convey the real feelings of night sky to others through his photography. So he creates not only photos, but also time-lapse imagery, real-time video, and VR.

He has held six photo exhibitions since 1996 and has been featured in National Geographic and Astronomy Picture of the Day (NASA) and other publications. Two TV documentaries that he shot and starred in were produced and broadcast. Recently he made a VR movie for a planetarium called “Aurora: Lights of Wonder” and won the prestigious award – Astro Awards – at the FullDome Festival 2017 in Jena, Germany.