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Nagayuki Kojima

Wedding & Portrait Photography, Retouching, and Printing
ColorEdge CS2740

Nagayuki Kojima was born in 1967 in the rural town of Mima in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan where he provides photography services. Since autumn 2017, he has been entering his works into numerous global wedding and portrait photo competitions, winning him over 200 awards as of September 2021. His achievements include 1st place in the WPPI Awards Competitions (USA) and multiple awards in the WPE Awards Competition (Europe). He has also earned the title of Master Photographer by the WPE and is the only Japanese person to serve as one of its 14 judges. He has won multiple awards in the AsiaWPA Photo Competition (Asia) and has been selected as on of the 20 Photographers of the year for two years running from 2019. His techniques have earned him high acclaim and he is commissioned by photographers around the world to help with retouching and printing their own works.

Case Study

“Monitors are the most important piece of equipment. When I looked for a monitor whose quality I could trust, there was no other choice. ColorEdge has been my guardian since the start of my life as a photographer.”

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In this interview Nagayuki Kojima gives his thoughts on the photo market within Japan and his experiences with photo competitions overseas.


Nagayuki Kojima visited EIZO headquarters to see the where monitors are made and to talk with the developers of the new ColorEdge CG2700X and CG2700S.

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