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Kohji Suwa

Fine Art Photography
ColorEdge CG318-4K

Kohji Suwa was born in Tokyo in 1968. He aspired to become a photographer when he was in his teens and in 1987 he enrolled in the Nihon University College of Art Department of Photography. While he was a student, he was inspired by one of Ansel Adams’ original print works and was introduced to the Zone System technique. He dropped out after three and a half years of university and became a freelance photographer.

He was one of the first photographers in Japan to explore the possibilities of incorporating digital photographs in works, making full use of digital equipment which was not yet commonly used. In order to broaden the photo arts market in Japan, he established the Sha-Ryu Project in 2003 to sell printed works through the web and over time, a number of other sales sites began to appear. The project was completed in 2013. Suwa mainly produces works with a nature motif while staying involved in advertising photography, writing for photo publications, and instructing courses on photography.

He is a board member at LIGHT PARTY, Inc., a lecturer at Canon EOS Academy and Kyoto University of Art and Design, a member of SAMURAI FOTO, and an Ambassador of G-Technology.

“I’ve been using EIZO since 1994 and I’m currently using four ColorEdge monitors in my workflow. With the wide color space and smooth image display, I can’t think of better monitors for working with photos.”

Case Study

“I can’t imagine using anything other than an EIZO monitor for my photographs, considering the wide color gamut, uniformity and stability offered. EIZO monitors have always given me the best environment available.”

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Kohji Suwa introduces the new generation ColorEdge CG2700X and CG2700S in this video. (Japanese/日本語)