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Jackie Ranken

Fine Art Photography and Printing
New Zealand
ColorEdge CG277

Jackie Ranken is one of Australasia’s most passionate landscape photographers; she began her career thirty five years ago working as a darkroom technician before moving into news, sport, wedding and eventually commercial photography.

It is in her personal fine art photography though, that Jackie excels. In 2002 Jackie won the title of Australian Professional Photographer of the Year with a series of landscape images captured from a small Tiger Moth aeroplane piloted by her father. In more recent times, Jackie has also won the title of New Zealand Professional Photographer of the Year along with numerous other awards for her portrait, editorial, illustrative and travel photography.

A Canon Master and also a Grand Master with both the AIPP and NZIPP, Jackie is not only exceptionally qualified but also very generous at sharing knowledge. For the past 12 years, Jackie has been co-director of the Queenstown Centre of Creative Photography in New Zealand with her husband and fellow award winning photographer, Mike Langford.


What's the best way to keep creating images in a meaningful way? Professional photographer Jackie Ranken shares her tips for carrying the photographic experience throughout the workflow.