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Fabio Antenore

Landscape Photography and NFT Artist
ColorEdge CG2700X

Fabio Antenore is an internationally acclaimed photographer and digital artist, renowned for his innovative approach to capturing the beauty and majesty of the natural and urban landscapes. Originally an audio engineer and the owner of a recording studio, Fabio adapted his approach to music production to photography. He is widely recognized as the inventor of “Hyperreal Landscape Photography” and one of the pioneers of the “Timeblending Technique.” Alongside his artistic pursuits, Fabio serves as a photography lecturer at the esteemed SAE Institute Zurich, where he imparts his expertise and passion to the next generation of artists. He has also published several video tutorial series in both German and English, and frequently leads photo trips, workshops, and tours worldwide.

Since Fabio entered the world of NFTs early 21, he has undergone a strong development. The innovation and courage for new artistic techniques in this community have also greatly influenced and elevated his own approach to creating photography as an art form. Above all else, Fabio now considers himself an artist whose primary goal is to create art that inspires people.