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Eric Dinardi

Commercial Photography
ColorEdge CG319X

Eric Dinardi started his photography career back in 2004 where he set his aim to learn multiple genres of photography. Over time, he built a portrait photo studio and covered wedding photography, product photography, documentation, corporate, and commercial photography. Immersing himself in multiple genres of photography has shaped his skills and developed his eye for detail, light, color, and image quality.

Now he choose to work with his passions - automobile, product, architectural, and corporate commercial photography. His company has also expanded into a production company that tackles clients' needs in print, book publishing, video creation, and graphic design.

Since 2011, Eric has been educating others in lighting techniques and the complete commercial photography workflow through seminars and workshops throughout Indonesia. Eric holds to the philosophy that the most important tools needed to fulfill his photography ideals are a good camera, a good lighting system, and an EIZO monitor. Eric believes photography is a unique profession that requires dedication, learning, and passion.