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Dave Newton

Travel Photography
United Kingdom
ColorEdge CG319X

UK-based Dave Newton is a former marine biologist and can best be described as a globe-trotting, adventure-seeking travel photographer who also shoots wildlife, commercial, portrait, action and street photography as the opportunity arises. When he’s not capturing stills, he’s embracing the fusion of stills and video and shoots corporate and commercial film projects for a variety of clients.

He first took up photography in 1998 while studying for his undergrad degree before going to study for a Masters in Biological Photography and Imaging. He shoots anything that catches his eye and has spent his career avoiding being pushed in to any one category, preferring instead the technical and creative challenge that comes with ‘specializing’ in everything.

A global ambassador for SanDisk, Manfrotto, LitePanels and Koy Lab, he has always chosen to work with the best equipment possible and is widely known also for the training he delivers on behalf of Canon across the UK, Europe and Middle East.

An EIZO ColorEdge user of more than 10 years, Dave values the color accuracy and tonal range EIZO monitors provide to ensure he sees the colors in his images as they are, so any edit decisions can be made with knowledge rather than guesswork.


Throughout 2022, Dave Newton takes to the road with his ColorEdge monitor in a converted truck, recording images of his adventures in a monthly blog.

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