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Andrei Duman

Aerial, Adventure, Landscape, Portrait, and Conceptual Photography
United States

Andrei Duman is an aerial, adventure, landscape and conceptual photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Duman’s work is disciplined and driven by his passion for travel, exploration and the unknown. He has visited 80 countries so far, including some of the world’s most visually stunning and remote locations. He swam in Jellyfish Lake in Palau, hiked amongst the Moai statues on Easter Island, explored the local fish markets of Zanzibar, took a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara, captured the aurora borealis in Greenland, and went hunting with the remote San tribesmen of Namibia, all with camera in tow.

His love for photography however is not only limited to the outdoors. Through his extensive experience and thirst for capturing the unique, he has been able to apply his knowledge to the studio space. Experimenting with powder and paint he is always in search of the captivating concepts that bring out his love for color. Working with models, he is not looking for just an ordinary photograph. He is seeking the unique, adding his flair to create memorable pieces of work. Duman is an ambassador and field instructor to Phase One shooting on the most advanced camera system in the world - the 101 Mega Pixel XF IQ3.