Reliable colour rendering and balanced brightness

Calibrating the brightness gradation directly in the factory
In all ColorEdge monitors, the gamma is configured at the EIZO factory.

Monitors in the ColorEdge range provide a specially developed ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) for reliable colour rendering and balanced brightness.

The brightness gradation is calibrated in the factory directly before delivery so that differences between devices are very slight. In conventional monitors that are not further calibrated, this may result in considerable differences in brightness gradation between products in the same model range.

Special software for calibration is included

Our ColorNavigator calibration software is developed in-house and is part of the standard scope of delivery in all ColorEdge monitors. This software can be used to perform ultra-precise calibration very easily. The programme can also be used within the scope of colour management systems as it enables more accurate colour profiles to be created.

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Digital circuit for colour constancy guarantees the uniform rendering of screen colours

DUE ensures the uniform rendering of colors over the entire screen
Colour-separated image with Delta-E* after distribution over the screen (measured at grey scale 128)

ColorEdge monitors are equipped with a Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) circuit for brightness and colour constancy, which ensures uniform rendering of colours over the entire screen. Before each monitor is delivered, the brightness gradation and colours are measured and calibrated to ensure colour constancy over all brightness levels.

Thanks to the DUE, ultra-high precision is achieved when adjusting the colours.

Large screens with widescreen formats

With LCD panels in widescreen format, ColorEdge monitors offer very large screen surfaces.

Conventional monitors: The work area and toolbox overlap.
ColorEdge widescreen monitors: The entire work area and toolbox are shown alongside one another.

Optimally suited to editing video content with an overdrive circuit

ColorEdge monitors with overdrive circuit enable excellent video rendering. Therefore, they are ideally suited to editing video content.

Benefits of ColorEdge monitors at a glance

  • Precise rendering of colours in images: In the creative process, more precise colour rendering gives designers more certainty and improves the colour quality of the end products.
  • Matching colours on the monitor and printout: In ColorEdge models, the rendering on the monitor precisely matches the printed colours – bothersome colour deviations in print products are a thing of the past. This technology also contributes to increasing efficiency, as time-consuming proofing steps can be replaced by softproofing on the monitor.
  • All employees use the same colour environment: If products are edited by multiple employees, ColorEdge monitors can also be used to increase efficiency as problems arising due to differences in the quality of the devices are resolved.
  • Identical colours always and everywhere: With ColorEdge it is possible to display identical monitor colours, for example in different departments and at different sites. This greatly facilitates the shared use of colour proofs in electronic form by different branches.

The FDF2382WT detects up to ten touches simultaneously and enables smooth, precise stylus input. It ignores erroneous input such as that from the ball of the user’s hand.


4K OLED monitor in a stylish, slimline aluminium bezel.

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Colour management systems are integrated solutions, which are intended to ensure the uniform rendering of colours on all input and output devices.

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How do monitors differ in terms of panel type, gamut (colour space), and calibration (hardware calibration vs software calibration)?

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Monitors in the ColorEdge range provide a specially developed ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) for reliable colour rendering and balanced brightness.

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