What are you doing about colour management?

Thanks to the increasing spread of digital SLR cameras and the further development of high-quality inkjet printers, an increasing number of photographers and photography enthusiasts are starting to edit their digital photos on their own computer and print them out themselves. Yet only a few have sufficient colour management skills to match the rendering of colours on screen to the colours in print. 

Perfect colour matching is practically impossible, even with professional equipment. This is down to differences in colour rendering processes in monitors and printers, as well as differences between the colour spaces that can be displayed. The following sections describe the procedures and requirements for achieving the best possible visual match between the printed colours and the colours shown on the monitor using ColorEdge monitors.

It is assumed here that JPEG photos are used as the output material, which have been taken with the Adobe RGB colour space. As the sRGB colour space is widely used, this scenario is also described.

Printing Adobe RGB photos

If the Adobe RGB colour space is to be rendered correctly on a monitor, the monitor has to support that gamut. Almost all monitors in the current ColorEdge range have a gamut that almost completely covers the Adobe RGB. If the colour space of an image is set to Adobe RGB, several areas of the image are outside the colour space of printers. It should therefore be assumed that considerable colour deviations will arise between the image on the monitor and the image in print.

Subject overview

Overview of how ambient light affects printed photos and how you should adjust the ambient light.

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Adjusting the monitor to the lighting conditions

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The correct configuration and display settings and the retouching software, as shown in Adobe Photoshop

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Configuring print settings with the printer driver or colour management system in Adobe Photoshop

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Instructions for configuring print settings with the printer driver or colour management system in Adobe Photoshop

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