No more problems with colours – the basics of colour management

Problems with colours in the digital workflow

A workflow to display the data, a printer to check the data on paper ... In the digital workflow to create print products, problems with colours are ever-present. Anyone who is involved with creating print products will have some experience of colour deviations, depending on which monitor was used for the review. Or differences have been detected in the colour tones between the printed draft and the finished print at the printing house.

Colour management in practice

In colour management, certain rules have to be followed to handle the data correctly. Colour management not only improves the quality of the end product, it also brings other key benefits for every working step.

Find out more in our colour management manual

EIZO has compiled information on the area of colour management and shows how a colour-proof workflow looks for photographers, image editors, designers and printers.

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    Colour Management Handbook

    Strategies for colour management in the digital workflow for direct implementation in your projects.

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